Mr. Trump defiles the Office of the Presidency

It is no secret that President Donald J. Trump is having some struggles in his new job.  It's hard to imagine someone so "un-ready" for this job, who at the same time seems to have no interest in learning what to do in this job.  His "Everestian" ego suggests to him that he doesn't need to sweat the details, his previous successes in his career are foundation enough to do this job.  After all, it's just management, delegation and negotiation, right?  

Wrong Mr. President.  It is certainly helpful to have experience in a leadership role.  Your experience however, is the wrong experience.  Since you've assumed the mantle of the head of the Trump organization, TrumpCo, or whatever you'd like to call it, you have ruled by fiat.  You have had no checks and balances except the consequences of your actions.  There were no constitutional boundaries for you in your private life. You could do as you pleased.   Your staff you could hire and fire with impunity and exact loyalty oaths and require flattery and fealty.  You apparently have assumed you could do the same with this job.  The evidence is voluminous and clear in that your attempts to intimidate or cajole declarations of faith and loyalty from people like James Comey belie the fact you don't understand how our system government works.   Certainly you could fire James Comey.  As a member of the Executive Branch, the FBI falls under the supervision of the Department of Justice, which is a cabinet level organization reporting to you.  What you don't get is that there are consequences for your actions. Every action you take as President is an action that is done on behalf of the people of this country.  You are not in this job for yourself whether you understand that fact or not.  You are not the CEO of the country.  You don't get to dictate how things will happen and most certainly the manner by which they will happen.  You were elected to lead because you convinced enough people that you would lead efforts of change on their behalf.  You weren't elected to cast aspersions on people, deride national institutions like the Judicial Branch of this country, or get into petty squabbles with the 4th estate in the country; the press.

Your recent actions with tweeting the juvenile insults about Mika Brezinski are further evidence of your lack of readiness for this job.   What you did was something a bullying 10 year old might do in a schoolyard. Is this really something you want to be part of a Presidential legacy?  Really?  You're comments reek of insecurity and victim-hood.  You spend energy on responding to personal affronts from the media that would be better served on resolving the problems the country elected you to focus on.  Grow up Mr. President.  While this is unlikely ever to happen, you would be better served to take some examples from your predecessors in the job.  Every President since George Washington has had their issues with the press.  Their responses ranged from good to bad.  You've got a wealth of lessons there on how to behave.  Spend time understanding what they did. Take the best of the lessons and make that part of your Presidency, because it will be highly likely, if you continue the current path you are on, you will be nothing more than a laughing stock who will be held up for decades to come as the most ridiculous person to have ever held that office.