Cotton Mill Gold

An average pale ale, not as hoppy as many IPA's but definitely strong hop characteristics. Would probably pair best with stronger flavored food like Mexican or BBQ. Not bad but nothing special. 

A golden pale ale from Tupps Brewery brewed with a wide variety of grains including rye, wheat, and oats. Brewed with a mix of five different hops.  American pale ale - 5.4% ABV.

Tupps Brewery 

Sticking with a local beer this week. Tupps Brewery is in McKinney, TX at the historic cotton mill. Founded by Keith Lewis and Tupper Patnode in 2015. They started delivering beer in cans in March 2016 with six beers -  Texas Shade Wheat, Cotton Mill Gold Pale Ale, TUPPS IPA, Northbound 75 Fire Roasted Poblano Pale Ale and Black Ale. Nine beers available on tap at the brewery. 

The beers are available at several area liquor and grocery stores -