About Two Old Guys...



Hi, and welcome to Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!.  This website is a connector to our Podcast of the same name.  To get to our Podcast, you just go to the home page, click on the podcast button, and click listen on the slider button.  Now, a little bit about the Podcast and the hosts.   First of all, the theme of our Podcast is as the title suggests.  It's two old guys, Dennis Sherrard and Bill Holmes, sitting around talking about "stuff" like politics, baseball and of course, beer.   The episodes will be focused on current goings on in national, state and local politics, with a major emphasis on what is going on in the world of our 45th President, Mr. Donald John Trump.   Regarding baseball, Bill and I will be discussing the major leagues, with a focus towards our home team, the Texas Rangers. We will from time to time, dip down into the minors, and some local teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but in general we'll be optimistically rooting for the Rangers and discussing the previous week's games, relishing in the victories and commiserating in the defeats.   On the topic of beer, Bill and I are reviewing a new beer week over week.  We'll discuss the beer's origins, how it rates (we have a rating system from 1 - 5 bottle caps), and where you can find it.   

From time to time, we'll get a special guest to join us for a brew and some discussion, but mostly, it's just us, two old guys who have been friends for over 30 years spending a little time together.  I hope you'll join us and give us some feedback on the show.   We'd like to get recommendations and comments on the show, so pop the top on a cold one and join in!